Daily Recap: 'Magic Mike' Going Broadway, Kevin Nash as Brutus in 'Catching Fire'?

Daily Recap: 'Magic Mike' Going Broadway, Kevin Nash as Brutus in 'Catching Fire'?

If you think Magic Mike is a one and done summer blockbuster, think again. Channing Tatum and producing partner Reid Carolin are looking to bring the stripper story to Broadway. "We're working on it as a Broadway show, which would be a different story," Carolin said. "More of a romp, more of a fun night out at the club with a story." Alex Pettyfer, who co-stars in the film, says he would absolutely do the Broadway show. He added, "I think we should all do the opening night." [USA Today]

Could former wrestling champion-turned-actor Kevin Nash be in line for a Hunger Games role? Nash attended the premiere of Magic Mike and mentioned that he was in talks for a role in Catching Fire. He didn't specify what role, though many have taken to speculate that he would be a perfect fit to play Brutus, the buff 40-something District 2 champion who volunteers for the third Quarter Quell.

Is Aaron Sorkin a brillaint writer or just a brillant hack who recycles his dialogue over and over and over....

Two new posters for The Campaign bring out the animals. Check out Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis in their campaign posters.

Halloween 4 and 5 will be making the transition over to Blu-Ray. Anchor Bay hasn't set a release date yet, but both films will include archival and newly created bonus features and will cost $24.99. [Shock Til You Drop]

Wreck-It Ralph has released three new international posters. Check them out below. The film will be at Comic-Con in a couple weeks and arrives in theaters November 12.

The first domestic trailer for Takashii Miike's Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai has arrived online. Can the Japanese director repeat the success he found with the acclaimed (and thoroughly excellent) 13 Assassins?  The film arrives on VOD July 18 and in New York and Los Angeles area theaters on July 20. Hara-Kiri is Miike's frirst venture into 3D filmmaking.

That animated 3D Popeye movie that Sony has been developing over the past couple of years has landed a director. Genndy Tartakovsky, better known as the creator of Samurai Jack. Tartakovsky helmed Sony's upcoming Adam Sandler animated flick Hotel Transylvania. [Variety]

AMC Theaters posted a video from the red carpet premiere of Ted last week. The video features sound bites with Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Seth McFarlane and others.

Hollywood can be a funny place. If you're a beloved Jack Russell terrier with one breakout role, you get to have your paw prints immortalized in cement. In conjunction with the DVD release of The Artist, Uggie will sink his paws in the cement outside Grauman's Chinese Theater tomorrow. A few years down the line, we can all stop by Grauman's and listen to puzzled tourists ask, "Who's Uggie?"

Frank Langella + a robot stealing jewelry = the trailer for the appropriately titled Robot & Frank. The Sundance hit just released a new trailer, which you can check out below. The film co-stars Susan Sarandon, Liv Tyler, James Marsden and the voice of Peter Sarsgaard as the robot.

Child's Play 6: Curse of Chucky (yes, they’re still making them) will head straight to DVD sometime next year.

The first teaser trailer for Atlas Shrugged: Part 2 rounds up conservative talk show pundits. The film will arrive in theaters October 12.

Finally, today marks the three year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death. Today, fans left more than 10,000 roses at his grave.

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