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Dark Knight Showdown: Batman vs. Wonder Woman – Tell Us Who Wins and You Could Win $50 Fandango Bucks!

After beating the Green Lantern in his week one showdown, let's crank things up a bit. This week's showdown is a man vs. Amazonian Goddess battle of the sexes.

Possessing beauty, brains and brawn (and we're not talking about Mr. Wayne), Wonder Woman is Princess Diana of the immortal Amazons from Greek mythology. She possesses superhuman strength and speed as well as the trademark bulletproof bracelets and the iconic Golden Lasso of Truth, essentially a really shiny lie detector. The lasso is so strong, not even Hercules can break it, but it has been broken a few times, when truth itself was challenged.

Other Wonder Woman powers include enhanced endurance and healing, flight, divine wisdom granted to her by Athena, as well as being a master in a variety of martial arts and armed combat. Speaking of armed combat, some of her other weapons in addition to the bracelets and lasso include her royal tiara which can be used as a magical, razor sharp boomerang, magical sword and the invisible plane. And of course, there's that unofficially confirmed theory that she's immortal. Yikes, Mr. Wayne!

So can The Dark Knight take down Wonder Woman? Sound off below with who you think would win and why. One comment per entrant and you must be over 18 to win the $50 collectible Dark Knight Rises Fandango Bucks gift card. This showdown runs until Sunday, July 1 at 11:59 p.m. PST.

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