• Released
  • April 17, 2015
  • (Limited)
  • R , 1 hr 59 min
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Monsters: Dark Continent Synopsis
An American platoon stationed in the Middle East is thrust into battle with a new breed of Aliens in this epic sequel to Gareth Edwards’ (GODZILLA) cult sci-fi hit, MONSTERS.
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Movie Reviews

Cool film!

I really like the film. If you're into alien movies, this is for you....


By MsMariam
Not a bad movie. Not really about Alien monsters more about human monsters!...

Monsters: Dark Continent Review - "Penny For Your Movie Thoughts" Blog

By Saleem Frazer
Monster: Dark Continent is a film that suffers a great deal from never reaching its full potential as many key elements get tossed aside. The visual direction in the film as well as some character...

Unfinished Movie

By kattygirl42
To rate this as a whole star is ludicrous (and I'm not talking about the Rapper). There was no clear story to this. Flimsy reference to the US sending signals out in to space and some aliens come...

Impressive monstors, not so impressive story

By augustk1
Great visuals but story stunk....

One of the best motion picture experiences I've ever had!

By exomorgan9
If you read nothing more: Oscar Winning Performances. Visually the aliens were "beyond" cool. 10 times cooler however... was that in the face of gigantic scary monsters, the spiritual torpor of war...

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Rated R | For Graphic War Violence, Pervasive Language, Some Strong Sexual Content/Nudity and Drug Use