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Miles Davis was one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. Don Cheadle as a director, a writer, and an actor with this remarkable portrait of Davis, refracted through his crazy days in the late ’70s.
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MILES AHEAD captures the essence of MILES.

By peterpeter69
For any Miles fan... fantastic. For any Cheadle fan... incredible. SEE THIS MOVIE!!!...

Miles Ahead Is Miles Ahead

By rpetches
This film is genius - a very true characterization of Miles Davis, magnifient performances by all principals and especially the amazing Don Cheadle, gorgeous music and graphics, powerful drama. It's...

Miles Ahead

By swmcgill650
We did not like the "documentary" film that mostly focused on drugs, violence and profanity; especially since the man it portrays had such great talent, creativity and impact on the remarkable...

May be it's because I'm not a Miles fan!

By sbt427n
Soooo, we were looked for a more complete portrayal of the man and his music. We did see much of the destructive personality of Miles, tho we felt were in fragments. The most disappointed part was...

Horrible script!

By WenFab
While Cheadle does an admirable job impersonating Miles, this film does no justice to the genus of Miles Davis. Rather, it concentrates on a nonsensical moment of his life as he and a British...

Great job!

By gunnerfitness
The movie moved a little too fast for me, jumping from scene to scene. I was hard to tell where you were in the movie but maybe that is what Don wanted. However I enjoyed the movie and would go see...

Worth Watching

By Onegod
Well worth the time and money!...

Don Cheadle did a good job portraying Miles Davis.

By wlsimons
Definitely not kid-friendly. Some adults might be offended also. Movie was OK. Slow at times, confusing at others. I don't feel a need to see again....

Miles Ahead review

By kweigel
I thought Don Cheadle's portrayal of Miles Davis was fantastic. Not only did he capture the spirit of Mies, he played the trumpet with the same intensity that Miles did during his career....

Miles Ahead

By tyryssnightsky
Amazing, Thrilling & Interesting!! Thank you!! Don Cheadle for spearheading this Great Story on Miles Davis!!...

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Rated R | For Strong Language Throughout, Brief Violence, Some Sexuality/Nudity and Drug Use.
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Common Sense Media says Cheadle shines in dark, labor-of-love biopic of Miles Davis.
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