Mia Madre Synopsis
Margherita is a director shooting a film with the famous American actor, Barry Huggins, who is quite a headache on set. Away from the shoot, Margherita tries to hold her life together, despite her mother’s illness and her daughter’s adolescence.
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Death is breathing life while life is killing her.

By helen29
When was the last time you heard a great last line in a movie? So great it made you burst into tears? …Basically, this is a story about a woman who is directing a film while her mother is dying in the...


By Doctormom48
Most boring movie I've seen in a long time. Basically a movie being made within a movie both of which go nowhere, from point A to point A. The main character is making a movie about workers uniting...

1 big mess?!

By goldlizsts
Walking out, just didn't know what we saw/heard. Well...., the story seems that the woman is a tough movie director, but her professional side is a mess as shown in the many "cuts" during shooting...

Painfully slow

By artpaul9
Aside from being painfully slow this is not a comedy/drama. It is 99% drama, 0.5% comedy, and the other 0.5% is a movie so agonizingly slow you wish for your own demise (OK maybe not that bad)....

Don't waste your time or money

The film was tedious and I didn't care about...

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