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A tour into the heart of a Hollywood family chasing celebrity, one another and the relentless ghosts of their pasts.
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By gabbycorner
Scathing depiction of the Hollywood machine and those caught up in it. A different kind of horror story via auteur David Cronenberg, but horrifying nonetheless. Excellent and interesting performances...

Dark, yet excellent film!

By justanordinarydude
Julianne Moore, Mia Wasikowska, John Cusack, and the young man who plays the teen actor all did a superb job. This film tells the story of Hollywood's dark side, the elements we don't see on the big...

A disappointment.

By Dcymbr
More than 1 critic called Pattinson's part in this movie good & I think that says a lot about Maps. His acting probably would have been if it had any meat. This movie suffered from over ambition. It...

Another great Cronenberg effort.

By Eeyorefan
I need to watch it two or three more times to catch all the subtleties but this is Cronenberg in great form. Julianne Moore won best actress at the Cannes Film Festival for this role and I truly...

Masochist's delight

By macsaintus
Cronenberg trying out Greek tragedy themes on Hollywood types. Too stupid and ridiculous to hate....


By GerriePhD
The twists and turns of the movie made no sense. I kept hoping that it would improve, but no such luck!...

Hollywood in the flesh

By janiktyler
I always cringe in cronenbergs films. a dark tale of Hollywood and the many types of twisted filthy people in it. You hate them but can't help but find them to be real to society. sit back and...

One of the worse movies I've seen

By conwayBob
Many people walked out of the theater starting about 1/4 of the way through. Even one star is too good a rating. I would have walked out except I was with a group, and the movie NEVER got any...

Self absorbed

By stonejr53
Hollywood junk! We walked out after 30 mins....

Maps To The Stars

By lkcowboy
So weird...but what a performance from Juliana Moore. Totally held my attention....

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Rated R | For Language, Graphic Nudity, Sexual Content, Some Drug Material and Strong Disturbing Violence
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Common Sense Media says Dark send-up of Hollywood mixes wit with abuse, dysfunction.
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