M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story Synopsis
M. S. Dhoni The Untold Story chronicles the journey of a man who India has come to see as the one who shaped the collective dreams of a billion countrymen – and the world has come to revere and applaud as a master cricketer and a true gentleman.
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MS Dhoni.,Nothing Told

By Sirivardhan
Nothing in the movie. Nothing new revealed.,Everything is known. All known things & worldcup 20 minutes replay. Only new thing revealed that he has a girlfriend named Priyanka and was dead in an...

Awesome n entertaining

By ravimohansri8292016440
Awesome entertaining n gripping. V Nice...

Good one

By Praneethkv
Biopic. Worth a watch. some parts of it are entertaining. Sushanth did well. The journey of Dhoni directed nicely. In the end " the struggle is real..!! "...

Worth watching

By gurv2008
Movie was really good. Just bit longer their was no need for romantic parts... Still must watch for Dhoni fans...

Ms dhoni

By vikrantubs
Average movie...


By bhargaviv2004
Very well showed....

Loved it

By emailvikash
Nostalgia at so many levels If you grew up in a middle class household and loved playing sports. There would be so much you will connect to during the 1st half. If you have lived in the "east...

MS Dhoni The Untold Story

By bharatgummalla
Inspirational, well told...

Loved It

By Mastikaran
Very good movie seen after a long time. Must watch. Good story line. good acting....

Dhoni dhoni

By divyesh7456
Dhoni Dhoni Dhoni Dhoni Dhoni Dhoni Dhoni Dhoni...

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Rated NR | For Hindi with English subtitles