The Liberator (Libertador) Synopsis
Simón Bolívar (Edgar Ramirez) fights to free South America from Spanish rule.
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McClatchy-Tribune News Service

By Roger Moore
The Liberator may be a Cliff Notes version of South American history, but Ramirez breathes life into it and makes us care.
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Mick LaSalle
North American viewers will have one advantage over their South American brethren — the capacity to be surprised. We knew how “Lincoln” was...
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Los Angeles Times

The admittedly simple premise — that El Libertador fought the good fight, for a worthy cause — is refreshingly escapist. By only briefly...
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By Glenn Kenny
A handsomely mounted, never-less-than conspicuously intelligent but ultimately too-conventional historical drama, The Liberator shoehorns...
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The A.V. Club

By Mike D'Angelo
It’s an equally fiery, magnetic star turn, but being trapped in a stolid, unimaginative, and simplistic example of the genre — a typical...
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Arizona Republic

By Barbara VanDenburgh
How disappointing that a movie about challenging authority should be such a slave to convention.
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Austin Chronicle

The film is vast and epic, featuring sprawling rivers, awe-inspiring landscapes, serious military campaigns, and the rich political and...
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The Dissolve

By Vadim Rizov
At best, The Liberator is a commendably old-fashioned affair that goes light on CGI backgrounds and heavy on dazzling scenery. At worst,...
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New York Daily News

Even Ramírez cannot liberate this movie from a clichéd script.
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Village Voice

By Inkoo Kang
Bolivar is eye-rollingly romanticized as a wonderful lover and an even better fighter in Alberto Arvelo's lushly produced, dully...
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Viva el Libertador!!!

By redronin7
Just saw this film and was genuinely moved by Edgar Ramire'z channeling of Simon Bolivar's spirit, passion, his vision of a united, liberated, and independent south America. What the film lacked in...

The man with a powerful dream for America!!

By ncsinorlandofl
Extraordinary!! Must watch!!...

Absolutly astonishing!!

By Efro-Wan-Kenobi
Acting, scenery, script and the music OMG!!! What a great story and informative too! Oscar in my book!...

Very Original, a must see movie

By JhoanChacon
the history of our Libertador Simon Bolivar is very extensive but the creators of this movie have made an excellent work with a different and very interesting ending....

A true master piece...

By aemv

A fantastic piece!

By dambo729
A near flawless product from Venezuelan director Alberto Arbelo with an extraordinary musical score by classical music prodigy Gustavo Dudamel. The movie tells the story of Simon Bolivar, a...

Great historical review, scenery and acting!

By pantinenrique
Great historical review, scenery and acting! Shows the difference between a true leader and people that work for personal gain or lack long term vision. So far best movie of the year! Amazing views,...

Good adaptation

By sulmah
Enjoyed the film. Wish it had been made into a two part series because the ending felt rushed. Wish the writers/producers spent more time in his latter life -- the divides while serving as president...

The Liberator

By frankbricenoaveledo482
One moment please : The First Republic of Venezuela was lost by the treachery of browns, blacks and Indians . The army was oligarch who liberated Venezuela from Spanish rule....


By cristobmr
excellent movie....

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Rated R | For Sexuality/Nudity, War Violence and Some Grisly Images
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says OK for kids 15+ Compelling lead performance saves violent Bolivar biopic.
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