Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains the Same Synopsis
The rock band performs their classic hits on tour and in fantasy sequences.

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Song Remains the Same is Brilliant

By xjxch39
The movie was made in 1976 and it is sort of like Pink Floyd's The Wall or another Rock movie. I thought it was exciting, trippy, different, wonderful. The talent oozes off of the screen by Robert...

The Hammer of the Gods

By bron-yr-aur
This movie is awesome! Jimmy Page climbs the cliff to the druid, only to find that the druid is...himself! That blew my mind. Robert Plant's mystical journey also rules! It's great to hear them...

The Song Remains the Same

By Rikk
Great, great movie. And perfect loud quality sound and picture....

Led Zeppelin

By racingirl_1
This is a great show for those who can't get enough of Led Zeppelins music. It is a 2 hour concert. If you were looking for a movie with a sorry you won't find it here just hours of great music. ...

The Band Played On!

By Mr. Clean
For fans past and present of the mighty Zeppelin this revised version of this rock & roll classic movie is simply a must see. Celebrating the re-release on DVD this month, TSRTS has been...

Brings back fond memories

By jacquieturtle
This is one ofthose movies that I always wanted to see on the big screen...and now it's in IMAX!!! It was great! A must see for any 30-40 somehitng that loved Zeppelin back in the day!...

The Song Remains the Same

By ParadiddledaddleDo
great footage, awesome clearity, straight up jamm'n. Long, prepare for an "off the beat'n path" of randomness clips....

Rock and Roll

By alanlaurag
saw it 30 years ago on one of my 1st dates as a 16 yr. old. Took my 16 yr. old step-daughter to see it last night. Long, pretentious, and rocking!...

The Song Remains The Same

By RambleOn
First, the video was excellent and the audio was outstanding! Great theatre seating as well. My only complaint was that they didn't play every song I wanted to hear but thats always the case. Also,...

Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains The Same

By CHaak9603
So cool to see it in theaters! It should have been done a long time ago and I hope its done again. Maybe even some other concert shows or even some other bands movies, like Pink Floyd would be...

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