Last Chance Harvey Synopsis
A jingle writer (Dustin Hoffman) and a British government worker (Emma Thompson) fall in love.
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Feel the Love

By anothercanard
The performances in this movie are amazing. You can't go wrong with Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman together, really. Poignant, sweet, and heartbreakingly real, it's a must see even if they didn't...

Marvelous Film

By Joe Critic
This is a well written, beautifully crafted, brilliantly acted adult romance with two pro's at the top of their game. If you like Dustin Hoffman or Emma Thompson, it's a must see....

take a chance on Last Chance

By jrocmm
What a beautiful little film! It was a pleasure to see two actors of a certain age at the top of their form at a time when special effects seem the order of the day. You will be touched, you will...

Not bad, harvey

By Ebatthemovies
Hoffman is his same old self. If you like his style of acting, you'll like this one because it's true-to-form, classic dusty. Thompson was the real acting genious of the film in my opinion. She is...

Last Chance Harvey

By saguaromo
What was the last movie you saw without the F* bomb in it? well, enjoy this one. It has a half dozen of the Sh* words -- with reason. Go to the movie ONLY if you enjoy character-driven, quiet,...

Wait until it comes out on DVD

By jenbon57
I really wanted to love this movie but I just didn't. My husband and I felt that it was mediocre, at best. With the cost of movie tickets these days, I'd wait until it came out on DVD or TV....

Last Chance Harvey

By SMPnyc
The acting in this movie is better than the script. That being said, it was a good movie. No surprises. no bizarre plot twists, no car chases or bombs exploding, just a nice character-driven plot....

Last Chance Harvey

By vaughnsherman
My husband, my daughter and I went to see this movie Friday night. We all agreed it was one of the best movies we had ever seen with amazing acting - certainly Academy Award level. The script was...

Last Chance Harvey

By annammac
Loved it! Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson! What's Not Lovable about both of them!...

Last Chance Harvey

By picture-shows
nice little entertaining movie - no ****, foul language, a refreshing change - loved the scenery/location...

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Rated PG-13 | For brief strong language
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Common Sense Media says Midlife love story is sweet, but may not appeal to teens.
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