Land Ho! Synopsis
Feeling disenchanted with life after retirement, Mitch, a brassy former surgeon, convinces his mild-mannered ex-brother-in-law Colin to take a trip with him to Iceland. The sixty-something pair set off in an attempt to reclaim their youth through...
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Land Ho

By dhstx
Not the most exciting movie, but probably a truer story than you might imagine. Comes complete with real feelings and real explitives used by two men who were retired, close friends and wanted to...


By skmurphy33496
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The story was fun and light and very meaningful. The scenery was beautiful and the music.......the music left me wanting more music! You must watch it to the end...

Land ho!

By barbaracthomas
Slow...but sweet story. Most of the story-line was shown in the previews....seemed like an an Iceland Travel-log....

Sweet and Funny! Don't Miss Land Ho!

Refreshingly different! A real feel good movie! A modern day "Buddy Road Trip Comedy". This is a sweet story about two old friends and the journey that brings them back to themselves...many funny...

Land Ho

By art19
Beautiful scenery of Iceland. The story is pointless and one of the men is really obnoxious. Nothing really happens in this movie. Not satisfying....

Land Ho only OK

By B52Karen
While I do appreciate how life changing retirement can be, I was unable to love this movie. The scenes of Iceland were breathtaking and worth watching....


By bes11139
A pretty tedious road movie, with a story (such as it is) that lacks even a minimal level of plausibility and cohesion. Pretty lousy acting, especially Nelson. And there are no particularly original...

I want my money back

By martingg
Disjointed...confusing....missed great opportunity to offer a compelling story.....did anyone watch the final cut before release?...


By dbaggett1
Too boring. Too much dialogue indoors, instead of outdoors, as anticipated...

Like watching paint dry

By kathryn789
This movie garnered three and a half stars from the review I read (must have been written by the movie director's brother-in-law). I was hoping to see beautiful scenery but even that element was...

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Rated R | For Drug Use, Some Language and Sexual References
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Common Sense Media says Offbeat buddy comedy has language, drinking, some drugs.
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