Ladies & Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones Flashback to 1972 Synopsis
The Rolling Stones perform at a 1972 concert. Mick Jagger shares memories of life on tour.

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Ladies and Gentlemen

By rraccoon
I saw it when it first came out in one of the huge old theaters in downtown Houston (Majestic or the Main) I was awestruck --wonderful sound . Not too many people there. When it was over I stayed...

Te Rolling Stones rock the Theater

By Dconners13
Not only did they rock...They Rolled. The rolling stones put on a spectacle of a show in "Ladies and gentleman the Rolling Stones" With a classic setlist and the passion only the stones could...

Great for the Stones fan, pretty good for everyone else.

By BillWikstrom
The film was great. It had a few lulls in the middle, it's was a bit close-up heavy and sometimes Mick Jagger was filmed doing is best Tina Turner instead of Mick Taylor during a solo. But besides...

Ladies And Gentlemen the Rolling Stones.

By O'Blivion
An exhilarating reminder of why I once loved the Stones above all other bands, and, by extension, also of why I eventually lost interest in them. Although even up to this century they still...

Ladies & Gentlemen the Rolling Stones

By debster1
Rolling Stones awesome ! Great sound & visual! Awesome movie, great theater. Should there be future showings count me in....

Ladie and Gentalmen The Rolling Stones

By sabrandon
The movie was great! A real trip back in time with a phenomenal group. What I don't understand though is why it was started before the posted time. Many attendees including myself missed out on some...

Stones Movie

With the technological limitations of the period, the Stones music made the movie....

Rolling Stones

By gdsibert
What was most shocking there were only about 20 people in the theater! I thought there would be at least three quarters of an audience. The movie was a slow starter, picked up about 30 minutes into...


By 5953
Great opportunity to see the Stones in all their early glory. No wonder they have been the "world's greatest rock'n'roll band" for so many years. Footage of Mick Taylor is rare and this was...

Five Word Review

By krapp
Great Rock And Roll Movie...

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