Ladies & Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones Flashback to 1972 Synopsis
The Rolling Stones perform at a 1972 concert. Mick Jagger shares memories of life on tour.

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Ladies and Gentlemen

By rraccoon
I saw it when it first came out in one of the huge old theaters in downtown Houston (Majestic or the Main) I was awestruck --wonderful sound . Not too many people there. When it was over I stayed...

Ladies & Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones Flashback to 1972

By sweetpat59
Loved it! Picture quality wasn't the best, but the whole movie was priceless. The first time I saw the Stones live was in 1972 so brought back all the memories. The movie captures them in top form....

Ladies and Gentlemen .... it's about time!

By dbs1972
Fantastic, I'll be buying the dvd as soon as it's out....

Terrific Movie

By NYgeorge
It was great seeing the Stones again in their Prime. This movie shows in detail the absolute magic and synergy of the Greatest Rock Band in history. THE THEATER SOUND SUUUUCKED!!!! DOZENS OF...

Five Word Review

By llvcota
awesome dark authentic stimulation rocks!...

At their best

By BobBarnett
Mick Taylor was smoking! Played almost all the leads. The sound was awesome This was my favorite Stones period-only 8 guys on a small stage without props...

No Expectations

By Dandango1954
Go in with no or low expectations and you won't be disappointed. Shine a Light it is not. Mick does a good job of setting the table at the beginning to let you know the lighting, sound and such is...


By Daren45
I was annoyed at the begining of the movie. Mick talked on and on and on. Most of the film was centered around MICK. It was a LOVE MICK fest. However, as the movie moved on more of the band came out....

Te Rolling Stones rock the Theater

By Dconners13
Not only did they rock...They Rolled. The rolling stones put on a spectacle of a show in "Ladies and gentleman the Rolling Stones" With a classic setlist and the passion only the stones could...

Great for the Stones fan, pretty good for everyone else.

By BillWikstrom
The film was great. It had a few lulls in the middle, it's was a bit close-up heavy and sometimes Mick Jagger was filmed doing is best Tina Turner instead of Mick Taylor during a solo. But besides...

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