Inglourious Basterds Synopsis
A select group of soldiers seek Nazi scalps in German-occupied France.
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INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS - WUNDERBAR!!! Rating: 93 out of 100. (Based on advance VIP press preview)

IG - screenwritten/directed by Quentin Tarantino - is a 2.5hr war-fantasy movie set in an alternate history WWII. This engaging mesmerizing movie stars Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz, Eli Roth,...

Another home run for Tarentino!

By The_Government
Thank you, Uncle Quintin for giving us this film! The trailer says that you don't know war until you've seen it by Q.T. and brother, they aren't lying! A delicious mix of action, witty dialouge, and...

Not what you think...but still damn good

By thepaschall
Check it I just got out of a screening of this movie at USC and it is not what the trailers make it seem. There is some action (mostly at the end that is awesome) but for the most part but it...


By igo2thamovies2
I saw this movie with realy high expectations. I have loved quentin tarantino films all my life. Pulp fiction and resorvoir dogs were top 10 in my favorite movies so naturally i thought this movie...

Oh Well

By icedragonslair
I have seen this and most are correct, this is more a character story, and seems more a very loosely adapted remake of Robert Aldrich's Dirty Dozen than anything else. At least that movie gave credit...

Back to the good ol' days of QT

By ferran275
From someone who has seen it, I'd say, don't go in there expecting action all the way around, but go in expecting great build-ups that really pay off for the wait, and I think that's why people love...

A delightful movie of revenge

By jameon
Ever wonder what if Hitler and his cohorts got theirs and how would it happen? This delightlful movie explores such a possibility. Set during one of my favorite times in history to learn about,...

Worse Movie so far this year

By Ivonne44
I kept waiting for the movie to get better. But it never did. Too long with the worse ending....

Tarantino+Pitt=Best Movie of a lousy summer

By Hitch112
I must admit, I am a huge Tarantino fan but not a huge fan of Brad Pitt. However, the combination pays dividens in the long run and has culminated into this great film. In a summer of cheap remakes...

Haven't seen it but...

By rachel_renegade
Ive read the screenplay multiple times, and needless to say it is superior to everything except Pulp Fiction. I have followed this movie from the first rumors and it is now less than two months away...

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Rated R | For strong graphic violence, language and brief sexuality
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Common Sense Media says Tarantino's World War II epic is both bloody and talky.
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