I Love You Phillip Morris Synopsis
A con man (Jim Carrey) meets the love (Ewan McGregor) of his life behind bars.
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Thank You

By JohnREHDennis
As a gay man myself, I have a huge amount of gratitude towards anybody who would do something to help break down the wall we are fighting to demolish within the LGBT community....

Five Word Review

By guyonguyishot
funny gay romance love story...

By hurricanekeefe
This movie was so damn funny! I thought it was about cigarette company Phillip Morris b4 I rented it, but got a real shock once I watched it!...

We Walked OUT!

By colleenmb
Hated this movie. Sat through 30 minutes and walked out. Very disappointed. Cannot believe the reviews were so good for such nonsense....

I Love You Phillip Morris

By billyguns2
If you can get over the fact that it's a love affair between two men, I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS is one of the best movies I've seen in years; what's even more amazing is the fact that it's a true...

A True Love Story

By bobwhoutx
Liked the movie a lot. Some comedy, some tragedy and some hot sex....

Difficult to Sit Through

By hombre_de_peliculas
Disliked the movie. Maybe Jim Carrey is not capable of acting like anything but a freak. But Ewan McGregor? Come on. He's capable of so much more. I've seen Ewan play sensitive sweet guys...

I Love You Phillip Morris review

By CGCardone
If you want to see Jim Carrey kiss another man, go; otherwise no....

What a wonderful surprise

By polkadot
I have seen many pictures portraying gay men and lesbians and almost all of them refused to make their relationships seem...well, human like everyone else. This movie is based on a true story of two...

Lame GAY movie, not funny

By Npls911
Previews make you think this is a typical Jim Carrey movie, ho boy was that misleading. This movie is not funny or good drama, it's just typical prison gay steriotypes and then it goes nowhere. ...

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Rated R | For Sexual content including strong dialogue, and language
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Common Sense Media says Wacky but mature comedy examines a love with no limits.
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