How to Seduce Difficult Women Synopsis
A French lothario (Louis Do de Lencquesaing) teaches men how to woo beautiful girls.

Movie Reviews

Hillariously funny yet thought provoking film!!

By mmsterne
Though this fast moving documentary-style film brought on a good belly laugh almost every five minutes, I think it also gave both women and men in the audience a few things to think about when it...

Smart, sexy and fun

By tritoneking
This is a wonderful comedy! It has a lot of great humor, smart dialogue, and beautiful girls. The actors were perfectly cast: from the womanizer frenchman, to the tall shy black guy, the bumbling Mo,...

A refreshingly un-pc look at seduction.

By Criticgal
I was very pleasantly surprised as "How to Seduce Difficult Women" unfolded. The credits were cleverly edited to set up the story, and the laughs just got better and better. The real beauty of...

Five Word Review

By alphonserdv
hilarious sexy smart manhattan comedy...

How to Seduce Difficult Women

By Turtle_Power
Awesome movie !! Incredibly funny !! A must see !!...

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Rated NR