Hits Synopsis
It’s a story in which fame, delusion, earnestness, and recklessness meet, shake hands, and disrupt the lives around them.
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By LHenly814
I really loved this movie!! I love dark comedies and this is up there...Hits is quite a special film, with great characters and an amazing ending! I'm recommending Hits to all of my friends. Way...


By jrileyny
David Cross kills it with this movie. It's grounded and dark and funny and surprising, and the ending is AMAZING. Skip 50 shades, see HITS!...

Hilarious movie

By mfields5523
Very clever comedy. Some unexpected twists....

Has the whiff of cult to it. Much needed commentary.

By bazinucci
This is the first time I've seen anyone speak so plainly about what is wrong is our obsession with fame and social media. It is most welcome to hear a public voice expressing my view. It's grounded,...