sunshine daydream

By anthonybellio
Written March 25, 2017
great footage and war stories...NOT enough music
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By fanmango
Written August 05, 2013
This year's meet up was great! It sure was nice to see some of the "family" out at the Century Regency 6 in San Rafael. It was very well attended (almost sold out, I heard). Lots of tie-dyes and good energy! This one was half documentary, half live show from the 1972 Petaluma Creamery benefit show/ acid test. I wish the entire show was shown, but if I remember correctly from my tapes this was three 90min tapes-long show. Can't wait for next year. Happy birthday, Jer.
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A Helluva Show!

By kovinakris
Written September 26, 2016
I absolutely loved this film. The Dead in blissed out mode. Attentive, communicative, inspired, and apparently well-dosed, this show features some really fine performances by Jerry and the Boys. The Dead have said that they always had a bad day for the big events like Woodstock but this film is proof that at least once they brought their "A" Game when the cameras were rolling. If footage exists for the tunes that were left on the cutting room floor, it would certainly make a fine Meet-Up for the future. All Dead Heads need to see this concert documentary.
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By lilyaskue
Written March 25, 2017
Loved this documented concert!!
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What the F___ was that?

By christianneilson
Written September 29, 2016
The best thing about the movie were the days of anticipation leading up to the movie. My brother came down from Portsmouth, NH and we discussed the set list. We spent the first hour wondering when the music would start. The background on the Creamery was necessary but could have taken ten minutes, not the hour of nostalgic BS that was directed to people who were at the '72 show. As for the music, the actual set list was awesome but who would ever edit out such songs for people putting together a stage and joking around about the water. The movie reminded me of listening to the Dead station on Sirius Satellite radio on Sundays, only to have the music interrrupted at 4:00 by some bafoons discussing their experiences at Dead shows. Put that **** on at midnight. As for the animation - pathetic. I'd rather watch the boys play. The Dead never tooted their own horns about philanthropy or giving to those in need. Why don't you stop doing that and just play the music.
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