Glen Campbell... I'll Be Me Synopsis
Musician Glen Campbell starts a farewell tour after he is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.
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Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me, A Must See

By hydekirby
Ever had a loved one affected by Alzheimers Disease? Then this movie is for you. It is about the disease as much as it is about Glen Campbell. The disease knows no boundaries, the famous and rich and...

Fantastic, heartwarming and heartbreaking

By ejoylittle408
I saw this film at the screening in Nashville and choose to see it again in the theatre. It is fantastic!. Glen strong, healthy and just as talented as ever, but so heartbreaking to see what is...

Honest and Raw

By MNshopper
An honest portrayal of the early onset of this terrible disease. All the ups and downs the family and patient go through are here for the world to see... not enough can be said for how brave and...


By turtlegirl71
I'm actually pretty upset at the idiocy of this brave and brilliant project is being handled! The reason GC did this documentary was to bring awareness to the public of this disease to squash the...

5ill be me

By jessdavis33364
haven't seen it yet but when it gets in my area I will be the first one in line to get the ticket...

The best documentary I have seen in years!

By dzink26229
This is the BEST documentary that I have seen in a long, long time. I recommend it highly, and if it is not showing in your city, then ask for it to be shown NOW by visiting Glen Campbell I'll Be Me...

Beautiful film

By nlynn17

so good

By taradquirion
great movie.....

So inspiring!

By mamsusa
What a fascinating and talented man he is, I had no idea he did so much more than just write the songs I knew. His family is amazing, what a great movie!...

I Am Me Glenn Campbell

By durmac440

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