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Fright Night Synopsis
A remake of the comedy-horror picture about a teenager who discovers his new next-door neighbor is a vampire.
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Fright Night......Great Night

By sylar2744
I have to be honest I wasn't expecting alot from this film, vampire movies seem to be getting a little more and more corny as the years pass, and Colin Farrell well I'm just not a huge fan of, he has...

Nice Fright

By rockydoggies
Great cornball Fright Night movie. Anton Yelchin pretty much is gold with the characters he play. Colin Farrell plays a cool dark n mysterious bad guy. Imogen Poots plays a nice hotty dedicated to...


It is rare in these hard economic times for me to WALK OUT of a movie but this one, I sure did. After about 60% I really had gotten over it stood up, threw my popcorn away and dumped my soda. For ME...

Fright Night For Real

By kraduate
I'm not going to compare this to the original other than to say the original may hold more charm but the remake kicks more butt. View them as separate entities and you should enjoy this. Yes,...

An embarrassment to cinema.

By theredraylives

By norah1012
Not sure which is worse this or the older version...


By Video1313
Am a fan of the original, and hopefully this will live up to it. Maybe brewster will still be so cool....

a very good remake

By hollyrej
I totally enjoyed this movie.. I think for anyone who has seen the original~ you can appreciate and enjoy it that much more. They did a great job with the new updates and ideas. Colin Ferrell did...

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By isis93220
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Fright Night Movie Review

By Asianfreak
80 out of 100 Terrifying humor next door called Jerry....

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Rated R | For Bloody horror violence and language including some sexual references