For the Bible Tells Me So Synopsis
Some right-wing religious groups use their beliefs to stigmatize gay people.
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TV Guide

By Ken Fox
Through the hard-won experiences of these families, Karslake shows that Scripture and homosexuality are not mutually exclusive, and with...
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Portland Oregonian

By Marc Mohan
In this involving if slightly unfocused documentary, director Daniel Karslake takes a two-pronged approach in examining how religion has...
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By Andrew O'Hehir
A powerful documentary.
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San Francisco Chronicle

It works well as a film and a lesson about, as one open-minded preacher puts it, what the Bible "reads" about what it supposedly "says"...
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Chicago Tribune

Doesn’t shy from heart-tugging opportunities, and there’s a five-minute cartoon embedded in the movie that should have been excised, but...
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Washington Post

By Stephen Hunter
A brisk, entertaining and even moving exploration of the sometimes frayed intersection where Christianity meets homosexuality.
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By Justin Chang
Filmmaker Daniel Karslake lobs a grenade into the culture wars with his heartfelt, provocative and unabashedly polemical For the Bible...
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The New York Times

There is no denying that the film, however inelegant, fills a need. The inevitable DVD should be packaged in a plain cardboard sleeve, so...
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Village Voice

By J. Hoberman
Daniel Karslake's movie is more human interest than agitprop.
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Entertainment Weekly

By Owen Gleiberman
The film's argument against overly literal Bible readings may not preach to anyone but the converted, and when For the Bible Tells Me So...
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Everyone Should See

By Woodster
Very well done. A movie people on all sides of the issue can and should see. Told through the very personal stories of five families, the movie is very informative and thought provoking. The movie...

This is a Great Film!

By stevebragg
"for the BIBLE tells me so" presents very important issues in a very moderate, non-provoking way. If this documentary opens only one person's eyes and heart to the acceptance of another, then it...

for the BIBLE tells me so

By sandovac
A great story of different families and their struggles as they realize that their loved-one is gay. It shows acceptance and renewed love. It breaks down emotions; builds communication, and...

For The BIBLE Tells Me So

By joanneanderson
This is an extremely well done, inspiring and thought provoking documentary film ... one that surely will open your eyes, iand hopefully your hearts to this country's need for tolerance, love and...


By aroundin5
Compelling story told from the perspective of the "at first" unaccepting parents. Portrays human struggle to resolve conflict of inner believe system and tradition against love and the reality of...

For The Bible Tells Me So

By gaither
Well done. Highly reccomend for parents and grandparents....

for the BIBLE tells me so

By TerryPjr
Great documentary...informative, uplifting, heartbreaking, eye-opening....

For The Bible Tells Me So

By caroline haines
A Must See... Very important messages to people of faith or not....

The truth is out there...

By rcauthen
Several members of my church described this movie as a "must see" They were so right! This movie is the clearest voice for biblical truth and for GBLT Christians. High marks to the cast, crew, and...