Flock of Dudes Synopsis
After a series of events such as getting evicted from the house they ruined together and his ex dating a super successful famous guy, Adam decides it's time to grow up by "breaking up" with his friends.
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Movie Reviews

Flock of dudes

By Pal3420
Bromance starring a huge cast of popular hipster comedians. Original and clever dialogue. Leading character is more than a vehicle for funny lines and situations. He is a sweet character with...

Relatable, laugh out loud

By rjn357
A relatable laugh out loud comedy. Well written, directed and performed. This is the kind of comedy you and your buddys will be quoting lines from....

Flock of fun with heart

By twdarby
Thourghly enjoyed this "adult comedy with a heart". The acting was better than expected and the second time I saw it I liked the performances even more. There is so much going on here with dialogue...