Many faces of love

By suemarie
Written September 28, 2007
I really enjoyed this movie. The last half hour was wonderful, sad, and emotionaly draining. There is a lot of nudity so it can't be recommended for everyone, which is unfortunate. There is a strong message for love and survival that could be appreciated by many. I was sobbing as the credits were rolling.
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An excellent movie to rent

By aurorah
Written September 29, 2007
I rated this movie so-so based on the vastly misleading preview depicting it as a feel-good comedy type of film. The acting and the story are very well done but it's got ALOT of nudity/sex scenes and it's a roller-coaster ride of emotions with humor being more of a backseat to the drama. It's worth renting and even seeing in the theater if you know what you're in for. Definitely not one for the kids, or even younger teens.
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Very good, but not for everbody

By sparquelito
Written October 14, 2007
This was an extremely touching film, and one that had both myself and the missus weeping at the end. Definitely not for everybody; nothing blows up, nobody turns into robot cars, and there were no car chases. The acting was top-notch, and I was pleasantly surprised at the tasteful full-frontal nudity throughout the film. Very old-school, it was!! Two thumbs up.
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Spend your $15 buying the book.

By callabriel
Written October 03, 2007
Charles Baxter's novel is by turns moving, lusty, hard, scary, funny, and bittersweet. It's filled with wonderful language and an insightful and hopeful look at al the many facets of love. This film takes removes all the magic from the story by reducing it to mere plot. Hollywood, once again, has taken something truly wonderful and completely crushed the life out of it. If you're really interested in partaking in The Feast of Love, I suggest going out and buying Charles Baxter's book. Here's a little help: Title: The Feast of Love Author: Baxter, Charles ISBN: 037570910X Price: $13.00 USD Publisher: Vintage Books [BLOCKED WEBSITE]
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Sexy and Sad

By HP_Fan_In_San Jose
Written September 30, 2007
If you are looking for the typical "Chick Flick" this is not it. At the start of the movie on up to about half-way through it you're wondering "does this movie have a point?", there's a lot of sex and nudity... but by the end it is very clear what the point is. I think, based upon most of the reviews I have read here, that most people missed that point though and concentrated on the sex instead (yes, there was enough of that to be a diversion). But it showed just how indomitable the human spirit is. I actually cried - last movie to do that to me was "A Walk To Remember". Won't go into detail though, incase you want to see it. The only negative I would give it is that it seemed to rely upon the sex to show relationships developing and could have achieved this by other means. Good acting all around.
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