Ex Machina Synopsis
A young programmer (Domhnall Gleeson) at an Internet company is chosen to evaluate the capabilities and consciousness of a beautiful and sophisticated robot (Alicia Vikander).
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Like all proper sci-fi stories, a philosophical exploration set in a believable future

By Mr. Newsom
Beautifully shot, believably written, and well acted. Does a great job of creating a feeling of plausibility. Alicia Vikander is inhumanly flawless. The "wetware" gelatin brain was particularly cool....


By vjmandarine
This movie forces us to look inward at the elements that define our humanity. I left the movie holding two opposing views; loving the fact that AI can be so alluringly human while its creators,in the...

For the thinkers

By donna269
This film is not a thrill ride. It is a movie for the thinkers who still find a thrill in that. It makes you question everything and then slaps you with the truth. A must see....


By shah11417
went in with low expectation but was blown away..one of the best movies i have seen in along time. i had no desire to go see " furious 7 " which i think would have been like junk food for the...

A.I. Is amazing

This is a great movie from start to finish - keeps you engaged the entire run time. Could have gone so many different ways ... Must see...


By jrose74
We saw this on opening night because we were so excited to see it. For us, it led to some intense after-movie discussions in a good way. We've already crossed the obsessed threshold with our...

Movie is an updated copy of star trek episode

By lenumina
This movie is a joke. First, its nothing more than an updated version of a star trek episode that was actually much better. They didn't have the tech and no frontal nudity on TV especially in the...

what's there to like

this movie had nothing to offer, but a empty sexual overtone to a going nowhere plot that was 100% predictable. I would rather have sat in traffic in Atlanta....

Ex Machina

By rbmccaw
Great movie. Five stars. Alicia Vikander is fabulous as Ava....

A thinking man's "I ROBOT"

By CinemaDude459
The production is as slick as robotic transmission oil. If there is any movie that proves that a filmmaker can make ANYTHING he can imagine in his head become TOTALLY believable on film, this is it....

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Rated R | For Graphic Nudity, Language, Sexual References and Some Violence
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Common Sense Media says Brilliant, emotional, mature sci-fi tale could be a classic.
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