DCI 2015 Tour Premiere Synopsis
See six of Drum Corps International’s top marching music ensembles compete in their season-opening debut LIVE from your local cinema.

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By michellemadigan

Drum Corps At The Cinema

By Bugler101
This was a great show, for the opening of season. Enjoyed it very much. Recommend people also see the show in August. I only wish it was in IMax......

DCI opening competition is a 10

By rkowalski168
Four of us watched the DCI opening competition from Lucas Stadium in Indianapolis. The show featured 6 of the top 12 corps from 2014. The corps were really ready for this show. Also, the production...


By mergu84

At The Cinema

By breeannajaniececox
Even with the bad weather the premiere streamed well. Any age. Hope this shows again next year....

DCI 2015 Tour Premiere

By dmdonnad
Season opening!! Wonderful....very happy to see Steve Rondinero & Dennis DeLuccia. I hope I got the spelling right. Sound and feed good. I thought the ticket price a bit high. But I am happy...

DCI 2015 Tour Rremiere

By siegelmanj
It was a fantastic evening and loved every minute. Felt like I was there and watching from the stands. Hope to do this again. Love DCI and also loved seeing my grandson perform....

DCI Tour Premiere 2015

By Ccedpat3
There were no issues with the live stream this year! The audio and video quality if the stream were great!...

DCI 2015 tour premiere

By mdmarti2
great camera work and commentary, but the sound in the theater was set so loud it was ear splitting. Don't know if I can go to future DCI Fandango events under those conditions, as much as I would...

Drum Corp at the Cinema

By csamuelson09
As a fan of Drum Corp I love the opportunity to preview the shows early in the season. Senior citizens such as some of my friends find this a very convenient way to see a show which otherwise they...

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