Days and Nights Synopsis
Reckless desire wreaks havoc over Memorial Day weekend as a family confronts the volatile and fragile nature of love.
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Christian Camargo’s Days and Nights Channels Chekhov Through a Topflight Cast

By snoybwr303
I saw this movie at the IFC Center last night and absolutely loved it. Original, funny and deeply moving. This beautiful art house film is a must see. I couldn't agree more with this Vanity Fair...

An amazing, beautifully shot piece of work from a new writer and director.

By slabbott74
A new screen writer / director, Christian Camargo, along with an all-star cast, provide an incredible view into the complex psyche of the all too typical dysfunctional family. There is much to be...

See this film

By Vicwynd
If you like to be “in” on an impressive directorial debut, if you love film as an artistic medium - see this film. Mr Camargo has crafted an extraordinary ensemble piece with a eye for arresting...

Haunting, humorous, and heartfelt!! One of best indies I've ever seen.

By filmcritic303
A remarkable film with an equally remarkable cast. Visually stunning, haunting, reflective, and even humorous at times, this film seems to reach deep into the viewer and stir the human heart for...

Loved this film!!!

By Lucia C
What a beautiful film Days and Nights is. I very much enjoyed and was deeply moved by it. It was shot beautifully and everyone in it was terrific. The script was the right balance of elevated and...

Run don't walk! Brilliant film.

By Pierre417
Beautiful film. Beautiful cast. Beautiful direction. I highly recommend this film. It is still sitting with me....

Artistry from beginning to end

By twigear870
What do you get when you combine powerhouse actors of stage and screen such as Allison Janney, William Hurt, Cherry Jones, Jean Reno & Katie Holmes with first time writer/director Christian...