Daylight's End Synopsis
A rogue drifter on a vengeful hunt stumbles across a band of survivors in an abandoned police station and reluctantly agrees to try to help them defend themselves and escape to the sanctuary they so desperately need.
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David and Goliath success!!!! Suprise of the summer

By derektats3825
As you watch this movie most people would never realize this mamazingly well filmed well put together smash hit was made with little more than a hope and a prayer. When it comes to movie budgets this...

Daylights End was awesome!

By ladynene

The most mediocre movie I've seen in a long time.

By remotextpc
Don't let the fake reviews fool you, this movie has nothing innovative or interesting about it. From the cliche scenarios, cheap effects, too the emotionless acting, this will astound you at how...

Tactically sound great action

By Jedilife77
It's rare to see a movie that gets the military tactics correct, but this movie nails it! Johnny Strong knows what he is doing and with guys like James Yeager and Sonny Puzikas you just knew this...

Sheer Awesomeness

By murphy4by2
Loved it! Non stop action! Can't wait to own a copy on DVD...

This movie is a new cult classic

By docstacticalsupply29
The movie was just one of a kind apocalyptic, run-and-gun, action packed l film. I enjoyed every minute of it. The action scenes were well executed, with special attention to proper mechanics of gun...

Great Zombie apocalypse

By rcwraytx
Good Zombie movie with a great looking cast. Not over done with special effects but delivers a few good heart stopping shock spots, classic blood and gore , and a well shot movie ....

Refreshingly realistic low-budget hit

By singlegirl4er
Surprisingly well done low-budget movie. Enjoyed the realistic production without the CGI....

If you are looking for a great action flick, look no further!

By stevenrandrews
This movie is an interesting take on zombies. Instead of the slow brainless zombies, these are more like vampires. They are crazy fast and intelligent. This leads to lots of action through the movie....

great tactical action; awesome main character; and sweet hero car!

By princeofmacedon
I actually enjoyed this movie quite a bit. I sometimes feel jaded by zombie tv shows and movies, but I gave this one a chance, and I was pleasantly surprised. I really LOVED the hero's Plymouth...

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