Clinton, Inc. Synopsis
The true story of Bill and Hillary Clinton's political alliance, business partnership, and unique marriage. This non-partisan documentary goes behind closed doors to reveal the making of an American dynasty.

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The Rationale Middle

The film projects both the good and bad about the Clintons. So, it is equally vilified by Hilllary and Trump suppporters, each claiming the film was made to help their opponent. It is a sad day when...

Liars Inc would be a better title

By surf4cars
Finally the truth. Liberals are gonna hate this dose of truth...

Hillary Supporter No More

By dallasarclight
This film in a methodical and factual way lays waste the the Clinton mystique that I have fallen for in my life. It also exposes how negligent and, in fact, deceitful the American media are...

very insightful

By ddbtek
This is how things happen in Washington. This is not a republican or democratic problem. it is an American problem and the cirizens must open their eyes to it. Hillary and the Clinton machine are...

Im a neutral and this was very shocking! But relief.

By 4thekids411
Someone who has decades of lies and deceit in their family history is bound to be exposed some day. I just hope America can wake up enough to realize what is happening. We are all being lied to and...

Interesting inside facts

By dchille2
Definitely learned a few new things about the Clintons. While Hillary's America was a much better movie, this one is filled more with people who worked closely with the Clintons over the years, for...

corrupt, culpable, criminal, carnivorous

By Girlstarbuck
This "family" has no moral compass and will screw anyone in their way...especially the American people...

Interesting, balanced, a little dry

By FilmGeek88
There is something here to like and hate for everyone. Bill and Hillary were a business partnership, but they loved each other, so both of these strong forces kept them together for 40 years. Whats...

Past is Prologue

By bill1032016530
The film spends the first 1/3 on her past, and you see the patterns of behavior that continue to the present. If she wins, I will remember some of these things. At 70 she is probably not going to...

Independent review of Clinton inc

By fand2u
Let's start off by saying that this is an independent review with no bias for or against Hillary Clinton. This docu-drama was created for one purpose and one purpose only, as a character...

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Rated PG-13 | For Sexual Material and Some Thematic Elements