Classic Music Series: R.E.M. by MTV Synopsis
Experience R.E.M. like never before with rarely-seen performance footage, exclusive interviews with the band and more.

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R.E.M. Classic Music Series

By kmwarner667
It was a very interesting film. I got to learn more about a band, I've known for a while, just not the facts. The cinematography was perfect, how they used clips of songs into their was extremely...

R.E.M. by MTV

By mejustnutts
I thought it was great! I love their music but knew very little about the band except that Michael Stipes was in it and they came from Athens (just a few miles from where I live). It was very...


By Kickercarl
Inspirational - if I had a son who wanted to be a singer I would make him watch this movie...

A Superficial Walk Down Memory Lane

By jmargolin71
This REM documentary culled decades of interviews and concert footage from MTV's vaults. Since I never really saw the interviews before, I found it fairly interesting. At its best, the movie captured...

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Rated R | For Contains some adult material. Parents are urged to learn more about the film before taking their young children with them.