Champs Synopsis
More than just a sports documentary, CHAMPS examines what it means to pursue the American Dream through boxing, painting a picture of a controversial and unregulated sport in a moment of crisis.
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Movie Reviews

Loved It

By lizjenson374
I just saw this last night and it was a truly super film. Honest and raw with a lot of depth. It was also much more like a narrative film than a non fiction, which I really enjoyed....

Great movie--Really insightful into boxing

By michaelobasch
I am not a boxing fan (at all, and was actually somewhat against the sport going into it). The movie did a great job putting a story and background into some of the most influential boxers of the...


By laurencavarn
I only have very positive things to say about this film. Totally inspiring and actually helped me keep a much more positive outlook through my entire work week....

A perfect combination !!!

By hjuancarlos
A perfect combination between the real world and magic, enjoyable, this movie made me crying and laughing at the same time; definitely go and see this classic of Disney...

Phenomenal Film with a Big Message

By thornton27
I had the privilege of seeing this film at a special screening before opening night and I was blown away. It was captivating, interesting, informative and shot impeccably. I have recommended this...


By dentheodm
Cannot express how excellent this film is. I would recommend it highly to anyone that wants something uplifting and inspirational with heart....

Stunning, Captivating & Specil

By cethem
A must see...

Great Movie!

By tinafarbone
This is a great film. It looked flawless and sharp. I loved the content, as well, and felt enriched without being hit over the head with a social cause. Definitely see this one....