Blazing Saddles Synopsis
Gucci-saddlebagged Sheriff Bart (Cleavon Little) teams up with the drunken Waco Kid (Gene Wilder).
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By mclovinmovies
My favorite movie of all time.....

Classic Mel Brooks

By TerpsFan72
As I stated in my review of Animal House as well, if there was a comedy Hall of Fame this would have to be one of the first films added. Mel Brooks at his best....

Gotta own it-

By BrianG_80
So this movie is definitely a classic... write that down. I know I am making history here by calling it that, but well, it is. This is one of the few movies that I can watch that has constant racial...

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By scottwillis
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Blazing Saddles still rocks!

By ashybrown
It is refreshing to see how funny being politically incorrect can still be in a day in age where society has to be so careful with regard to communication. Everyone around me in the theater was...

Blazingly Funny and a true classic

By ezGear
Alright, nobody move or the sherrif gets it....

good movie

By ericmcase
its a clasic. Its a bit on the racist side but good movie all in all...

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By justin.m.jennings
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By Subatomicdog
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Good Stuff!

By cindyarely
This movie is great fun and I think it is hilarious! Not the funniest movie ever, but definitely provides a great time!...

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Rated R
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says OK for kids 15+ Kids may not get all of Brooks' Old West parody.
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