Billy Elliot: The Musical Synopsis
Enjoy this special performance of "Billy Elliot the Musical" as it is broadcast live from the Victoria Palace Theatre in London's West End to cinemas across the UK and around the world.

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By mitchsfl155
I thought this was spectacular! Elliott Hanna (looks like a young Elijah Wood) was superb in the role of Billy Elliot. His acting and dancing ability were top notch. The musical deserved all the...

Fantastic show!

By JMagicFink23
Loved the show! Great preview short with one of the actors from the show! Loved all of the songs and dancing! Musical fans will enjoy this great opportunity to see the hit from London!...


By alberlyn155
Well...five of uS braved the snowstorm to get out to the "burbs" to see this on Saturday, Nov 15, 2014. Each of us liked it very much.....and would see it again. What was not to enjoy? Elton John's...

Billy Elliot

By glennmarilyn5902
We loved this movie (actually a film of a London stage play). We thought everything was great. The script, the characters, and acting were amazing. The story was funny, touching, and gave a deep...

Fathom Does It Again!

By waltergiant
Billy Elliott Live was one of the best presentations of theatre on film I have seen....

Billy in local theater a real winner!

By Jomogle335
I JUMPED at the chance to see Billy In our local theater! (Would have liked more advance notice, though...only heard about it two days beforehand.) Very disappointed they felt they had to use crude...


By cwebmseed
What a fantastic show--great story, great singing, and, most of all, GREAT DANCING!! Definitely a once in a lifetime grateful that I got to see it after all, when I thought I'd...

5 Stars - Exceeded my best expectations.

By JJohn92263
I took my visually impaired partner to see Billy Elliot, the Musical Live. Although there was no Audio Description available, he was able follow along and truly felt it all., I spent the rest of...


By nancycigno469
One of the best shows I have seen, loved it, Don't miss the opportunity to see such a great performance....


By thereillygroup
Absolutely fantastic. We would love to see more of this type of show and individual singers like the Josh Groban show last season....

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