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A chronicle of comedian Eddie Izzard's r

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By kirfaulder
This movie was deeply touching and surprisingly inspiring. I am a huge Eddie Izzard fan, but I knew nothing about his life and now I do. It was interesting to watch the evolution of his comedy. He is...

If you are a fan it is a must go!

By Zipitking
It really is very interesting to see how his comedy evolved and came to be. It's is better if he shows up after the movie for a Q&A!...

Fascinating Portrait

By ValkyrieNYC
This film is a fascinating portrait of a seriously driven man. For fans, it's a lovely peek into the brilliant comedian/actor who inspires a rabid love and adoration that I suspect many other...

not just for Izzard fans

By minervasteel
I mean, it helps, of course, but there's a universal element in it that anyone can appreciate. Aside from a bit of foul language, it would be very good for adolescents. What I took away from it more...

Five Word Review

By 2brenners
Funny Sad Documentary about Eddie...

Eddie Izzard's Real Inside Tour : "BELIEVE"--[ bit of the LA Q+A is on my website]

By HollywoodActorPrep
This movie appealed to me on a few levels. First, I need to mention the "mother" thing. Awful, unspeakably awful. Seven years old; it just rips your heart out. I wanted to mother him, I'm sure plenty...

A Must for Eddie Fans

By KatieDydde
I'm not sure how moviegoers who are not familiar with Eddie's work will view this movie, but for anyone who has enjoyed his work, live or on DVD, this movie is a must. A look inside the mind and...

Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story

By dkarp
As a relatively new fan of Eddie, I found the whole experience captivating. The documentary was funny and touching. His devotion to his Mom is truly beautiful. For any fan of Eddie, this is a must...

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