Begin Again Synopsis
Gretta (Keira Knightley) and her long-time boyfriend Dave (Adam Levine) are college sweethearts, but Dave leaves Gretta for his newfound fame. Gretta's world takes a turn for the better when a record-label exec, stumbles upon her performance.
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begin again

By jshall328
We loved the film. I thought the characters were very well developed and so, it was realistic with wonderful surprises throughout. There is lots of music and all of it different and fun. I want to...

Loved it!

By louisekraz
This is a wonderful story about the fight between creativity and commercialism. That may sound tedious but it is not. This is a delightful story with two fab stars--Keira Knightley and yummy Mark...

By ubza123
I love it! It had an Indie feeling and I really like to soundtrack. I always like Kiera Knightly and Mark Ruffolo. I thought this was very good and it avoided some of the cheesy mistakes that...

Begin Again ... Then See It Again

By kevdav63

Fun but not fantastic

By tglenn45
My 17 year old daughter and I liked "Begin Again". The cast was amazing. The creative way they chose to make music was great. Good Date Movie. Teenagers on up would enjoy more than young children....

By ajs316
feel good movie of the summer!...

Nice music

By danferrall
A great way to spend a couple of hours watching people trying to find their way in difficult relationships....

loved it!

By Traceybythesea
great, sweet story of two people who were at rock bottom and needed a break. Loved that the usual storyline didn't prevail and that it ended with empowerment. Bravo. Beautifully done...

By 4Pua
Endearing, sentimental and I loved the music and lyrics....

Starts slow, ends well.

By christopherheaton
Begin Again is repetitive at first and slow to get going. Hoever, the middle and ending were good. I would recommend this movie to others....

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Rated R | For for language
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Common Sense Media says Music-heavy film explores reinvention and forgiveness.
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