Comedic Insanity

By ahmccaffrey
Written December 19, 2013
Feels like a two-hour Will Ferrel SNL skit. Completely over the top, ridiculous, and totally understanding of the fact that they cannot repeat the gloriousness of the first one. So they just went crazy for this one. Very fun.
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Give me a Break!

By Tyfonmannen
Written December 21, 2013
This is a horrible and stupid film. there is no story line, no plot and no theme. The acting is poor and mediocre at best and You've seen everything before in a C rated college movie from the 80's. this movie is just really really bad. I loved Anchorman and Will Ferrell and I was really looking forward to seeing this one as well. Sadly it just stinks. Besides from a couple of good laughs it's a complete waste of time. And I'm sorry for it.
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Aimless Mess that Misses the Mark

By mongojoe
Written January 01, 2014
What a disappointment. Two hours of unfunny, too-random, strained attempts at humor. This is Will Ferrel's worst film, by far. It's as though they drafted a plot outline on a cocktail napkin, and then relied on the cast to come up with random scenes and gags to fill the time. Unlike the very funny original, this film lacks the structure necessary to make Ron's wild tangents funny and unexpected. While I like nearly all of Will Ferrel's roles, I fear this film may indicate that he will be on the same downward spiral that most comedic actors eventually face (Eddie Murphy, Chevy Chase, etc.). This effort was so bad, it makes the miserably bland "The Other Guys" look like comedic genius. Save your money. If you must see it, wait for the rental. Don't worry, there will be no classic one-liners from this film repeated by your friends at the office, as there were none.
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Didn't have high hopes...

By jnespeca
Written December 18, 2013
After seeing overplayed comedy sequels tank (ahem, Austin Powers franchise), I went in expecting a dud, with overplayed versions of the same jokes from the first movie. This one exceeded expectations! We were laughing so much in the theater that we certainly missed follow up jokes. Must see it again to catch what i missed!
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Not what I expected

By nmiller495
Written December 18, 2013
I expected a hilarious Will Ferrell movie that measures up to the first. This was not at all what I expected. It had its funny parts but it seemed like they were trying too hard and the jokes just weren't as good. The movie was too long and could have ended at any time. I just think they bombed and over-advertised and added too much hype for a predictable, sad sequel. I loved all of the actors and find them all hilarious on their own, just did not work out for this movie.
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