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The Tree of Life

By lgsquires
The movie was a waste of time.I can't believe it was an Oscar Nominated movie The actors were good the story was bad. It was a waste of time and money. I go to the movies to be entertained , not...

Day at the theater

By bensgroi
It's not for everyone, but the Best Picture marathon is a lot of fun!...

Great Idea

By poorascnbe
Great way to catch up on Oscar nominated flicks. Would have been nice to know how long the intermission between each film would be in advance, but would do it again. All great movies...

By fez1003

Thank You AMC!

By astelter
If you are an uber-film-fan, then the AMC Best Picture Showcase is for you. The AMC Best Picture Showcase gives you the chance to see all of the films nominated for the Best PIcture Oscar: five...

AMC 2011 Best Picture Showcase 1 review

By Vibhakar
Great way to catch up on so many good movies at once.....

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