600 Miles Synopsis
Arnulfo Rubio is a low-level operator in the gun smuggling trade between the United States and Mexico.

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Roth - Move back to England if you dont like the Second Ammendment

By omegamanradio
Your movie is anti-gun propaganda. You had the young guy buying guns filling out an ATF Form 4473 and then the Dealer not doing a NCIC Instant Background Check. No Dealer sells guns illegally like...

Not about "Hollywood"

By LareeS
This movie was wonderful. The realistic style of story telling made this movie intense and compelling. No special effects, or "c'mon man, really?" Oh - and the ending speaks to the frequent...

Better than average

By ErikMoo


By espindola472
I like because is not the typical Hollywood action movie is very realistic just a little be slow on the dialogue and drama...

600 Miles

By maggiemromero
This was the worst movie ever in my entire 45 years. How could anyone think this was a movie. If i could give it 0 stars, I would. My husband wanted to walk out 10 times. Why didn't I listen....


By captain_fe9fe9
Hands down the worst movie i've seen in 2016!!!!!!!!...

I've had more fun in hospital

By Alexandrapoier
A waste of life watching this film student's concept of originality. Perhaps interesting if you are starting a new job as an ATF agent tomorrow, otherwise I recommend a coma instead....

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Rated R | For Language Throughout and Some Violence.