20,000 Days on Earth Synopsis
Twenty-four fictitious hours in the life of musician Nick Cave.

Movie Reviews

Exceeded all expectations.

By jeffrunnels229
I believe anyone could enjoy this "documentary" - even if you've never heard of Nick Cave. These filmmakers have created something in the vein of the great Errol Morris docs like "Fast, Cheap and Out...


By azulsinned
One of the best written and edited documentaries on a very long time. I walked in knowing nothing about Nick Cave and left a fan. You truly learn the art that he brings to his art. True depth and...

Not EVERYONE loved this! It starts with his actual fans.

By hpmoon
I'm finding it bizarre, with the release of this film, that it's a foregone conclusion, if you like Nick Cave, you'll love this documentary. I understand the universal drooling from critics, even...

One of the best music "documentary" films ever

By Butterfly Steve McQueen
it's completely written and staged but purports to be a doc... All that aside, this is one of the best films on creativity, inspiration and the persistence of memory that I've ever seen. I even went...

Excellent film that really caters to long-time fans

By heathenchild
If you are not a long-time fan, you may not get some of it, but the performances within the film are worth the price of admission!...

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By samekren
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Amazing movie about the mindset of a songwriter... even if you don't know Nick Cave

By rwait825
I don't know enough Nick Cave music to call myself a big fan (sorry Nick Cave fans), but I was bowled over by this movie. As a songwriter, I never would've believed someone could put on film what it...