Love Emily Blunt

By rahamblett1
Written June 30, 2012
Why, oh why did every other word have to be F**K? Premise for movie was good, acting was raw, location beautiful, but honestly I realized early on that the characters were a little screwed up without needing a ten minute F**K dialogue.
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It was ok

By snshelley
Written June 17, 2012
The guy in the triangle was not believable as a love interest. It was funny in parts but it would be a better rental than a $10 movie.
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Friends, sisters and love don't mix

By pedsarq
Written November 19, 2016
This is a touching movie about friends, lovers, and sister who fill each other's lives with chaos only to turn it into fulfillment. Emily Blunt plays the sister who secretly loves a friend who's an emotional wreck. She offers him the family cabin for some R&R not knowing that her sister is shacked up there dealing with a tough breakup. As luck would have it, her friend and sister get it on and she's gets crushed. The rest of the movie is spent repairing the relationship with her friend and sister. This movie is well executed and the characters are nicely developed. It's an emotional time at the movies, but in a good way. I recommend it.
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By Singleman442000
Written July 24, 2012
Worst excuse for a movie I have ever seen, better acting in a high school play, characters were poorly scripted, used the F word too frequently when it didn't fit in the sentence, boring, story line copuld have been good but the characterization and and script were horrible,,,, wasted evening
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A supercilious, insignificant, "like-infested" film about 30 -something's with too much time on their hands

By Peneflix
Written July 12, 2012
A supercilious, insignificant, "like-infested" film about 30 -something's with too much time on their hands; not enough intellectual substance, just aimless individuals who have reached a hiatus, a cavernous lacuna that overwhelms them, stymieing their decision -making process or powers. Loss, love, grief are experienced by all; how you deal with the vicissitudes in life make you the person you are. Not holding my breath or anxiously anticipating the onset of maturity for these, not unlikeable, but far from galvanizing individuals... The title alone was a troublesome clue, foreshadowing a bland, uninteresting scenario; but optimism is my Achilles heel and I gave it a shot. On the plus side it is very short; fortuitously I only purchased a small popcorn and coke; so for a fraction over an hour I sipped, chewed and groaned through this supposedly unique love triangle. So regretted the temporary hiatus of my "Cassandra" gene... ONE & 3/4 STARS! ***Full review at peneflix DOT com
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