Interesting artsy film

By TheThingIsMyFriend
Written September 18, 2011
What I liked was the trailer. I didnt know what to expect really. However seeing the movie was somewhat interesting. You have to have a certain eye and appreciation for the style of the movie. Over all I liked it but seeing it critically you have to notice the large plot holes and too fast pacing. The characters are enjoyable but should be explained or developed furthur. The abusive father should have more time to show the role completely. Sweetness snaps at an odd time but once you see it you may know why. I think that certain scene should have been explained more. You'll notice the one im talking about when you see the scene after it when she changes her look. I say see it and enjoy the fast pacing but over all not such a fantastic film. The story line was rushed and too quick cliches. The actors did well but without development they felt flat. At best its a amateur debut but not anything special.
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