WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. GRADE: B-average (Based on a advance VIP press preview)

Written October 13, 2009
Directed by Spike Jonze, WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE(WTWTA) is a 94min live-action movie-adaptation of Maurice Sendak's 1963 children's picture book - basically, the story of a overly-imaginative rambunctiously active boy's escapism/reactions to his feelings and his interactions with his environment and loved ones. High production values and stupendously well-designed 'costumes' plus effective use of CGI elevated this quirky film beyond what could potentially have been a sub-par children's movie. I especially like the designs of the monsters and the beautiful sets. Still, the heavy themes(anger and anger management, survival/adaptability, yearning for stability, personal growth, loneliness, sorrow, love, etc.) plus scenes of violence may prove a tad much too wild for young kids. Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers took a few liberties(with Maurice Sendak's permission) with the screenplay. VERDICT: A Must-See for fans of the book.
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the book

By pucca_baby
Written March 22, 2009
the book waz really good but i dont think the movie will dat good.
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Let the Wild Rumpus Start!!

By Daydream
Written October 19, 2009
..."Inside all of us is a Wild Thing"... Where the Wild Things Are, written by Maurice Sendak, was a story I listened to when I was little every night before bed. I still remember begging my parents to just read it one more time. Inspired by the classic children's book, Where the Wild Things Are "hits home" as one from the audience revealed. We get a fantastic image of the imagination and lonliness of 9-year old Max who runs away, sails to an island of beasts, and claims to be a king with great powers to keep them from eating him. Each of the Wild Things has their own personality and most of them share the same emotions just like everyone around us. The costumes are dirty, amazing, and true to the book. Thoughtfully written by Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers (Away We Go), this movie is special and worth seeing. If the book means anything to you, this movie will to. Perfect ending. (A) "Sometimes being happy isnt the best way to be happy" Sleeping in the perfect pile tonight...
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By Goremaster108
Written April 19, 2009
this movie looks so stupid! i dont even understand why they r making a movie from this book. if u read the book and thought it was bad/stupid then dont see this.
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Where my inner child went.....

By moveslowly4574
Written October 16, 2009
The happy and sad emotions that i felt as a child and pushed away, because of my sad upbringing......I cried and laughed as i felt the feeling that the young Max was feeling. I don't think anyone that wasn't a loner or the middle child will truly understand and have the amazing experience I had at 11:30 this morning! If your a child of a single parent or divorced family you will be touched by this film Spike Jonze did a phenomenal job bringing to life Maurice Sendak's children's book. Go see this but bring a tissue!
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