One of the Season's Worst !

By Santa_Fe_Ranger
Written July 13, 2009
I've always enjoyed Allen's humor and self-absorbed neurosis, but this film was terrible. I knew I was in for a disappointment when "Boris" started talking directly into the camera to the "audience". The film had a grating quality which would have prompted me to just get up and leave had it not been for my date who seemed willing to sit through it until the end. Admittedly, the material occasionally was engaging during the second half, but overall not enough to make me want to stay in my seat. I think Allen has completely lost it with this disaster.
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I laughed and that what works for me

By Powerhugs
Written June 24, 2009
After sifting through a myriad of your typical anti-Woody Allen reviews I was determined to see this film for myself because I wanted to be my own judge..Yes its true that its not Woody's best work but call me crazy I actually enjoyed the escapism of the story and the characters. It was good fun to see some familiar New York locations being used for a change since this was the filmmaker's return to New York...And suprisingly the audience clapped at the end of the film so apparently I wasn't the only one who enjoyed it..I will spare everyone the technical faults and the social commentary that Woody Allen films naturally bring to mind....Its just that you go in with extraordinary expectations and if it doesn't deliver the film gets panned.. I can tell you that listening to Woody's words being spoken by Larry David were smart and classic Woody and that was worth 90 minutes of laughter...
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Hilarious! Typical Woody Allen and Larry David fashion - entertaining and funny!

By elibutton
Written July 19, 2009
I thought this movie was hilarious! I was excited to see Woody and Larry team up for this film. If you're a fan of Woody Allen - or Larry David - then you'll definitely love this movie as it will keep you laughing and engaged. At first it seems to be a show about Larry David's usual quips - almost like he was blogging to the world. After that the storyline develops and you meet each character and start to get involved with them and their story. In the end it all comes together in some dysfunctional sort of way to sustain the notion of "Whatever Works". Woody has a knack for making great films that are full of substance and good dialogue - which this movie has plenty of. This kind of reminded me of "Mighty Aphrodite" as far as the relationship between the 2 main characters, and you will definitely laugh your socks off at this one. I highly recommend it! Hats off to Larry and Woody on a great movie!
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Whatever works and it doesnt

By Budik
Written June 20, 2009
My god retire already, I am so mad working hard for my money just to pay for this trash. There was a reach for the remote feeling throughout the entire movie. I was even praying for a ad to popup for some real entertainment.... Or waiting for a kramer moment to happen, both of these guys should consider devoting time to good causes and give it up... sheez! Freeze me like sleeper and thaw me when its over.....
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Whatever works

By teovaldi
Written July 20, 2009
good writing, acting, directing, photography, original, creative, insightful. One of Woody Allen's best.
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