A different kind of comedy..

By lonelygirl510
Written April 14, 2012
I get tired of the same old type of movies so every so often I go to a smaller theater which shows more independent type movies. This particular movie is about a man who is elected pope who discovers he is unable to perform his duties~~literally. Frozen. It's sort of a cat and mouse search for him (he escapes the Vatican) while the whole world is waiting for him to speak at his first ceremony introducing him. He is endearing and you will chuckle quite a bit through the movie. Not your "typical" high budget comedy but very enjoyable and I would recommend it.. In Italian with English subtitles.
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An interesting premise

By TheTeller
Written May 02, 2012
We Have a Pope is an overly contrived (well aren't all movies) story, and will probably not reach a mass audience. But I found it easy to watch and was interested in the story as it unfolded. A very nice performance by Michel Piccoli. THe direction was spirited and seemed to reach for new height. For that reason alone, it was worth the effort to watch the movie.
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This is a movie for all creeds....

By Peneflix
Written April 26, 2012
This fascinating psychological study will leave you pondering long after its conclusion. Personally, I have never given much thought to the job description of the “Pope”; realize he has over a billion “employees” with benefits; monumental “infallibility”, as the replacement for Simon/ Peter (first Pope), it is impossible for him to error in matters of Church dogma. This is stress at the celestial level! “We Have a Pope” is powerfully original; written, directed by (and costarring ) Nanni Moretti (as the psychiatrist aiding the newly elected Pope through a major crisis); it is more tragic than comedic and commands the viewer to empathize with the “man” who has just been elected Pope, by the College of Cardinals, as the voice of God. “Melville”( profound performance by Michel Piccoli) is immediately overwhelmed with his appointment; he is terrified, dwarfed by what he feels are his inadequacies: .... to read the rest of the review, please visit ***peneflix.com
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Something completely different

By shanamaidel
Written May 12, 2012
so quirky..., so different. go with an open mind and enjoy. as an English-speaking Jewish girl, I'm not sure that I got all the meaning of this movie. And wonder how the Church might be reacting to it???
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if selected i will mot serve!

By CoolbreezePoint
Written July 22, 2012
Very funny look inside the papal selection "habemus papam"
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