Written March 04, 2009
I just attended the advance press preview of this R-rated 2hr 43mins comic-book/graphic novel movie-adaptation by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons - superbly directed by Zack Snyder. I've read the complex graphic novel and I had very high expectations - which were met!!! Watchmen is visually STUNNING! Literally a work of art! EXCELLENT well-casted talented ensemble. Yes - there were plenty of flash - but equally plenty of substance for balance - Watchmen possess DEPTH - heavy adult themes. NEITHER THE GRAPHIC NOVEL NOR THE MOVIE WERE EVER MEANT FOR KIDS. VERDICT: Since this is a R-rated movie - minors/kids are prohibited - and for some people to belly-ache/complain about the graphic depiction of violence/brutality, sexuality, grittiness,... - are just superfluous - totally unwarranted. If R-rated movies bother/offend you - then PLEASE do yourself a favor - DON'T SEE this movie. Otherwise, SHUT-UP - stop whining! Kick yourself if you miss this movie. A MUST-SEE!!!
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True Essence?

By mister spock
Written March 07, 2009
The True Essence of this Movie......... Stick your finger up your rear and SMELL it!!!!
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By lanaco
Written March 02, 2009
This is a great movie whether you know anything about "Watchmen" or not. It has everything and the cinematics of the entire movie look amazing. If you don't know anything about the graphic novel and want to see the movie, it is dark and I definitely wouldn't take the kids. You really need to see this movie.
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By AlexinHouston
Written March 07, 2009
If you weren't someone who appreciated the original graphic novel, do not watch this. You will not find this interesting, you will not enjoy all 2 hours and 45 minutes of it. This is not Batman or The Avengers. That being said, if you appreciate the novel, you will LOVE this movie! The characters and actors do the novel complete justice. I never thought it was too long or boring once. I can't wait for the Blue Ray release! I'm definitely watching it again.
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Very long but good movie!

By dlzeroentropy
Written March 03, 2009
I have read the graphic novel, and the movie stays very true to the novel, with much of the dialogue taken straight from the book. The ending is different, but I think it is one that translated better for a movie. The movie is very very graphic as far as violence goes, and also a couple extended sex scenes. Also, they do not try to hide the fact that Dr. Manhattan's junk is just hanging out all over the place. The movie takes a while to get going, which makes sense with all of the characters that you have to develop. Fortunately, there is not all the slo-mo stuff like there was in 300, and which I was scared of after seeing the trailer. The guy who plays Rorschach is awesome, and the movie definitely makes you walk away thinking. Even though it was a little long, it was worth it.
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