great special effects and action sequences!!

By mcnano
Written June 30, 2008
u might not like the plot but everything else was top notch!! its a great movie if u love action packed films!! i love love loved it not so much the storyline but the action, the special effects, the bad ass kick ass scenes were great!! it was great how they made it look so real! its very bloody tho!!
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WANTED? You bet!

By CrazyMama4691
Written June 27, 2008
My 16-year-old son and my 44-year-old self just got back from the 12:00 am viewing. The movie is fantastic! After wasting my money on Zohan, yawning through Get Smart, I was ready to see a SUMMER MOVIE! WANTED is great. Do not take younger kids. (Too violent, a few pretty graphic sex scenes. We left the 12-year-old home with Dad who had to go to work in the morning.) I will definitely go see the movie again with dear hubby! The theater was filled with mostly young men. I was one of a very few women. The stunts are mind-blowing. Not one moment of boredom. You are fully engaged from beginning to end. WOW! Go see this movie! BTW, did I say the stunts were AWESOME!! Interesting story line, great plot, great acting, the actor playing Wesley was great. So believable. Of course Angelina Jolie is great. She doesn't saw a whole lot, but does she really have to? She has such a "presence".
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Curvy Bullets!

By eyeful
Written July 01, 2008
So, the thing about action movies... They have to deliver in "new and exciting" ways. Well, Wanted definitely showed up with the goods! Yes, the bullet-time effects were a little Matrixy and the main character narration was a little Fight Clubby... But this movie was freakin' amazing!! Plenty of eye-popping scenes, nicely choreographed action and seamless visual effects. Worth seeing in the theatre! So good!!
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Next Best Bad*** Movie!

By stephstero
Written June 27, 2008
This movie was a little different than what I originally thought, but it was a FANTASTIC movie. It was sarcastic, and fresh, with a fast paced plot. The script writing was absolutely flawless. Only problem is the physics in the movie. Other than that, great. Overall, i would go see it again.
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By cristoval
Written February 04, 2008
this movie looks greatcant wait to see it
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