By rshimp
Written January 22, 2017
If you can get past the jargon and academic over-speak, this can be an interesting thought provoking movie. Like talking to someone who lives in their head more than they live in the real world (fitting, though, for this movie...)
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one violent scene prompted weeks of PTSD flashbacks

By sunteriorflag
Written October 12, 2012
My life would be better if I had never seen this movie. In one scene the character 'Jailbird' describes an extremely violent action. Since watching this movie I have had frequent PTSD flashbacks. This scene has no redeeming value, and is not useful in the movie. Although a few other scenes are also violent, most of the movie is boring dialog and philosophy. I would not recommend this movie to anyone of any age.
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Philosophical and a "wake up" call to life's many questions

By Meowshelle
Written June 13, 2013
Although at first glance this movie can be distracting due to the "art over film" style, this movie is potent with questions and discussion on life's many philosophical contemplations. A must see for any one over the age of 17 who has ever asked the question "why?". I have owned this movie for over 7 years and every time I review it, I notice a philosophical contemplation that I hadn't before. Very rich! Touches subjects such as: Lucid Dreaming, Reincarnation, Intimacy, Language and Communication, Science, Politics, Crime and Passive Observers.
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