Veronica Mars Synopsis
Veronica Mars, now on the eve of graduating from law school, returns to Neptune to help her ex-boyfriend who's been accused of murder.
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Fun and captivating

By lancetrebilcock
My daughters had recently been turned on to the old TV series, and we went on a Veronica Mars marathon to be ready for the movie. I didn't expect much, but was pleasantly surprised. It was fun and...

Saw the advanced screening..

By Michele 24
Loyal viewers of the show will be very *very* happy, new viewers will be able to follow the movie as well thanks to the introduction at the start of the film. Not much for me to say without giving...

Veronica Mars

By mkessler27
I have always missed the series and still watch repeats. So I was thrilled when the movie came out and after seeing it ,was like a closure now I know what happened to everyone because before it was...

A super-sized TV episode, and that's great

By nomadicon
Non-fans of the show may be a little lost for a bit, but it's funny, sharp, and entertaining. It's a pity the class divide doesn't explored quite as much as it could, but there's only so much ground...

I loved the movie

By waphelps
The movie was very well made. I was a TV fan and I went to the theater with someone who had never heard the name Veronica Mars before this Friday; we both enjoyed the movie. This is a PG-13 movie;...

Worth the Wait!

By justhman
I've been waiting for this movie to come out for months, and after seeing the movie yesterday I definitely would say that the wait was worth it! An amazing script and plot and so great to see all...


By lilmre5
It's just like watching VMars all over again on TV, only this time it's on the big screen! It was so awesome seeing what all of them grew up to become after college. And it was so awesome to see...

NO SPOILERS: Veronica Mars is Exactly What it Needed to Be

By seanmichaelmallory
When it comes to movies risen from the ashes of television shows, Veronica Mars is the best of it's kind since Joss Whedon's Serenity. Rob Thomas absolutely brings it - smart dialogue wrapped in...

Whether a fan or not, you will like this movie.

By jpetters
Well done both for fans and newbies. You can never tell whether a "catch up with the characters now" type movie will disappoint but the new Veronica Mars movie did not fall short in any way. ...


By hallievasell
I was really looking forward to seeing this movie but was really disappointed. The acting was awful (except for Kristen Bell) and if this movie was supposed to give the fans some closure, i didn't...

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Rated PG-13 | For violence, drug content, some strong language and sexuality including references
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