UP - uplifting movie that soars to JOYFUL greatness! GRADE: A-PLUS

Written May 28, 2009
I just attended the advance press preview of this FANTASTIC 104-min fantasy - the first 3-D animated movie by PIXAR. Just when I thought PIXAR couldn't get any better - comes along this breathtakingly GORGEOUS, genuinely FUNNY LOVINGLY crafted movie for both kids AND adults. The attention to detail and texture is AMAZING - a compelling delicious fine-dining smorgasbord for our eyes to feast on! Major themes: loss/death, importance of keeping promises, spirit of exploration, loyalty, aging, and compassion - with a serious jab at 'eminent domain'. The story is bright and substance-RICH in complexity - warmth suffusing almost every scene - with thought-provoking messages. The jokes/funny-scenes were fresh and had the audience laughing-out-loud non-stop during the entire movie. The frog(alarm) had me in stitches! Animated short at beginning was delightfully charming. VERDICT: UP is the epitome of the HIGHEST QUALITY entertainment. A MUST-SEE - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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By purple hays
Written June 07, 2009
We never got to see the movie. We bought tickets three hours before driving two hours to meet my grandchildren to go see "UP" on her 7th birthday. But an emergency came up and we could not go. I called Fandango to cancel the tickets and that is when they told me they were NOT refundable! What a ridiculous policy. What company doesn't give back money that you don't use? I am posting my complaint on every tweet, facebook, and social network I know of. This kindless, heartless policy needs to change! No longer a user of Fandango!!!
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Like watching Bambi's mom get blown away again and again

By Deselle
Written June 10, 2009
I'm stunned that so many people found this movie hilarious. I had the misfortune of taking my parents to it. My mother cried through the whole movie. My father had nightmares about my mother dying and living alone. A little girl behind me kept crying and asking to go home. This movie is one of the most depressing animated movies I've ever seen. The funny parts were the same ones that we've already seen in the previews and they were few and far between. Just when you think it's going to get better and we're going to be able to enjoy a funny picture about an old man, kid, dog and bird, out comes some remembrance of the dead wife, absent father, ostrasized dog, absent and hurt mother bird, or the childhood hero's inexplicable insanity and evilness. After it was over, I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach for the last ninety minutes. If Oscar-worthy means depressing and bleak, then the writers should start writing their acceptance speeches because this is a sure "win".
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By universeeye
Written March 26, 2009
sounds like real new idea and full of cute talk if your 18 and younger you should like it
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PG!! Not for young kids!!

By the_tamster
Written May 29, 2009
This is a great movie with great effects--for older kids and adults. I made the mistake of taking 4 and 5 year olds to see this--all but one were crying in fear at some point in the movie!!! The combination of fabulous visual and sound effects make the "moments of peril", REALLY SCARY for young kids! I feel absolutely horrible that I didn't take the PG rating seriously. The 3D effects are amazing, but too scary for the younger kids. Think about loud thunderstorms crashing in a dark theater, and viscious dogs barking, growling, and chasing you! Not to mention any fear of heights or falling! So for older kids it's okay, But in reality, the story is for adults. Good story, amazing effects, just WAY too much for younger kids.
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