Unfinished Song

By ravesandhowls
Written March 30, 2017
Yes, it was a tear jerker. Yes, he said he was sorry too frequently. But this was a great film. It was an inspiring, very accurate depiction of aging and all of its vicissitudes, and the mix of cultures and character types was refreshing. The acting was superb, and I'll buy the sound track because it was so well done and will help me to remember some of the more pithy lines. Elders will especially enjoy this movie, but I'd really like to take my daughter to see it so that she might see that I'm not all that strange.
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Disabled Seniors and Sex

By hedgesd
Written August 25, 2016
My goodness! There is so much love in this movie, right down to the set design. The shabby wallpaper is as beautiful old, as it was when it was new. More beautiful now that it, and the characters are old. Old age is more precious than youth because it so fragile and short. The film shows us a path, emotionally, as we watch the characters love music and each other. Music does bring people together. Family relationships that were stiff and unbending become just what they could have been. Marion and Arthur are more than characters, they seem to enter our lives and become metaphors, not types, but rich meaningful examples of the courage to make the emotional journey and become the song. Do not miss this film.
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An emotional story that hit home

Written January 16, 2017
This movie is well done. The characters are vivid, opinionated, at odds, and alive. That being said, the movie also digs deeps and hurts. One of these emotional heart-breakers every 6 months or so is about all I can do...
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Yes and no. Well, no and yes.

By phochs1172
Written September 25, 2016
The acting is superb. The script, not so much. Another one of those "Hey you, get offa my lawn" types finds meaning in...well, in something-or-other. I've kind of had it with pretty young things enthusiastically coaching cranky elders into finding joy in life. Loss of a beloved spouse is never a joy. The expectation of loss is never pleasant. The triumph of art over loss, if you can call it that, depicted in this movie leaves me with a giant "meh." Terence Stamp and Vanessa Redgrave deserve applause for making these characters almost convincing. Gemma Atherton's adorable young cheerer-upper made me want to slap her face and say, "Listen kid, I don't believe a word of it." Well, I'm a cranky old guy myself. but this movie really did nothing to un-crank me.
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Bring the tissues

By aaronncsu
Written February 20, 2018
I cried more than I have at most movies
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