No Sandra Bullock, but who cares

By iknowbest
Written February 18, 2012
I liked this very much. It did get slow in a few places, but largely moved along well. This is a pretty fascinating film, and terribly depressing within the context that there is an awful lot of good among, and for individuals. It is a sad commentary on the poverty and near hopeless circumstances that should not exist in the United States. It is heartwarming when concerned only with those who are the focus of the film, but what about all the others on the team, and those not on the team. Whatever the college placement for those about whom we have been told, what then? It also made me understand those 'prayer huddles' so prevalent every Sunday when watching the NFL. It made me think that maybe I should be a little more tolerant of those huddles. They are not really what they seem on the surface, but really only a part of being a team.
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By sirvalle
Written March 01, 2012
Great movie! Reminded me of 'Friday Night Lights' and 'Blind Side', but seemed more realistic. I think its a good movie for high school kids and adults.
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Great Story, Questionable Editing

By uruguayzinger
Written March 10, 2012
The story is a typical comeback-kid, sports movie story. It's pretty amazing that it's a true story and a documentary because it seemed straight out of [insert stereotypical sports movie here]. My only issue was the editing. There was a lot left out, and the amount of time that had elapsed was always questionable. They left out a lot of details, like their record the two previous years, and it seemed as if it was all set up to be a picture-perfect, neat little tale of people rising to meet the demands put upon them. It had its moments, but left me with a lot of questions regarding some important information that was left out.
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Great Movie

By lynbrook
Written February 19, 2012
Undefeated was one of the best and inspirational movies I have ever seen. The documentary made me feel like I could conquer the world.
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By pjeter
Written April 08, 2012
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