Five Word Review

By redyeah
Written October 03, 2009
Sucks! NO Talent anywhere, ever!
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Grrrreat movie

By elijahluke
Written June 27, 2007
I saw this movie and my wife told me, "you better get this movie for me".
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Daddy's little girls

Written February 22, 2007
You must go see this movie. I went and saw it on opening night and was totally blown away. It's great to see single fathers potrayed in such a good way. I loved the three girls in it also. I was soo moved i went and saw it again!
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Daddy's Little Girls

By movie_lover38
Written March 08, 2007
I thought the movie was great
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Excellent movie for the whole family

By tigger03
Written March 19, 2007
Excellent movie, I recommand anyone to go see this movie. It is a movie that parent need to bring their children to see. In this movie, it's about a man love for his three daughters and finding true love. I love how a father who was wiliing to do anything to keep his daughters safe from their mother and her drug-dealer boyfriend. The scene that broke my heart was near the end when the three girls camed back to their father's apartment at 3am in the morning because their mother's boyfriend was abused one of the girls because she wanted her daddy! If you are a parent,grandparent,aunt, sister or whomever Please Go See This Movie With a Children and at the end of the movie telled them, that you Love them!
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